Ocilla man has standoff with police from home

Police have created a perimeter around the man's house. / Ashley Knight

Updated 4/30/12 9:04 pm

Law enforcement from all over South Georgia was on Seventh Street in Ocilla during a standoff that lasted from four in the morning to around seven o'clock this evening.

Luckily it's over and no one is hurt.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Georgia State Patrol, Irwin Sheriff's Office and Tift County Police were at the home of 60-year-old Leon Prater.

Prater's brother was stabbed to death Sunday.

The suspect in the stabbing turned himself in around 1 o'clock Monday morning, then around 4 a.m., Prater shot a gun in the air in front of his house.

When police arrived, Prater locked himself in his house and refused to come out.

Fox 31 spoke with one of Prater's former classmates who describes him as "strange".

"He distances himself from people, he's not affiliated with very many people and he basically, if anything is going on, if he's not in control, he won't participate," says Robert Jackson.

Ocilla Police Chief Billy Hancock says family members were able to talk Prater out of his home.

Prater was detained by police after talking with family.

No word yet on any charges.

Original Story:

Multiple police agencies and a man are in the middle of a standoff after his brother becomes a crime victim.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations, Irwin County Sheriff's Office and the Georgia State Patrol are still on the scene of a standoff on Seventh Street in Ocilla with 60-year-old Leon Prater.

Prater is holding himself inside his house after his brother was stabbed to death Sunday. He walked outside around 4 A.M. and fired a gun into the air. He has refused to come out since then. Georgia Power has pulled electricity to the house in hopes that he will come out.

The suspect in the stabbing case turned himself in at 1 A.M. Monday morning.

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