Obama administration officials have lunch with local school children

Photo Credit: Mike Manzoni

Obama administration officials visited Baker County School this morning, having lunch, talking with students and seeking input about the school lunch program.

The visits, aimed at visiting schools across the country to see first hand how federal school lunch mandates are affecting students, was the second stop for officials who visited an Albany school Monday.

"One of our goals is to make sure we include our farmers in our child nutrition and our lunch programs," said Nancy Rice, the state director of school nutrition program. "Once farmland is bought up by industry it never reverts back to farmland."

Audrey Rowe, the Food and Nutrition Service administrator, said it is important for officials in Washington to see the way their policies are impacting students.

"We have lots of treks of farmland around Southwest Georgia. They're looking at how they can cross tide into the school nutrition program," said Dr. Torrance Shoates, the school's principal.

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