Nurses transform associate degree into bachelors.

Darton offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing / Sean Streicher

"R.N. to B.S.N.", that's the slogan Darton State College has given to their new Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

Tracey Suber, the Assistant Dean of Nursing explains this isn't your typical four year degree, "this is a completion program that students in this program come through after already completing an associate degree."

What that means is students will spend three semesters at Darton turning their associates into a bachelors degree.

The students currently working on their associates will also benefit. They have the oppurtunity to take core classes so they can start the bachelors program right away.

If a student decided to complete their whole nursing degree at Darton, they can do so in four years, just like a traditional program.

Many people in the program are currently working as a registered nurse, but they decided to come back to earn their bachelors degree as a way to further their career.

These students will be able to continue working full time while attending classes online.

If the inaugural class stays on track they can expect to graduate next July.