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      Nunley family bands with APD for help finding suspect

      The family of Jeffrey Nunley along with robbery and homicide detectives from the Albany Police Department held a press conference early Wednesday morning.

      Nunley was shot and killed the night of May 5th. Since then there have been several rewards offered for the capture of a suspect.

      The family is now partnering with APD to help get the word out that they're still looking for a suspect and they need everyone's help.

      Nunley's mother told FOX 31 they just really need the communities eye and ears and help in this.Jeffrey Nunley's employers were also at the press conference pleading with the public.

      His employers and family talked highly of Nunley and his character and are still shocked that this could happen to him.

      They say in order to move on they need answers.

      His employers, air quality service, are offering a $2,000 reward.

      The Albany Police Department says they are looking into several names and leads but aren't yet ready to release any names or descriptions.