Now's the time to winterize your car

Time get vehicles ready for cold weather. / Jessica Fairley

Before icy weather gets here, local mechanics say if you haven't gotten your car winterized, now is the time to do so.

They say a good place to start is flushing engine fluids and checking coolant levels. This will help keep the car from overheating.

Also, check tires for proper inflation, cracks and dry rot. And don't forget to make sure wind shield wipers aren't worn because mechanics say you'll need them on icy mornings.

"Some companies make a deicing washer solvent to help prevent the ice or you can go to the parts store and get a cheap ice scraper to make sure you get all the ice off before you attempt to drive," said Goodlife Tires Manager Joel Davis.

Davis says in our climate, there's no need to change the viscosity of your motor oil during the winter months.