Notes and videotapes take pain out of disaster recovery

Items inside safety kit used by the Lee County C.E.R.T. program. / Jessica Fairley

Next week is Severe Weather Awareness week in Georgia and state officials are reminding homeowners to prepare in case of disaster.

Southwest Georgia is expected to receive strong winds and heavy rains Wednesday. Georgia Insurance Commissioner, Ralph Hudgens, wants families to prepare for the worst by making a list of the valuables inside their home.

"Make a video tape and while you're videotaping make comments of I bought this TV two months ago and it cost me $695," said Ralph Hudgens.

If you don't have a video camera, his advice is to use photos to record your belongings. Hudgens say this will make it a lot easier to file a claim if you suffer damage to your home.

After documenting what you have, it's recommended you lay out a plan of action with your family. Load up on non-perishable foods and conserve one gallon or water per person per day.

"Sometimes during storms you'll have electricity outages and it takes several days for those outages to be restored and in that case you need to be prepared," said Kyle Lentz, Lee County Community Emergency Response Team Coordinator.

Medications, insurance policy numbers and other important documents should be placed in a safe place as a family hunkers down to bear out a storm. Lentz says by doing this, the family will have a better chance of regrouping after a disaster.