Northside Elementary springs a leak

Three to four parts of the roof collapsed causing an evacuation of the students / Sarah Bleau

The Dougherty County School System has release another update on the situation at Northside Elementary School via Facebook:

"Due to the time required to complete roof repairs, Northside Elementary School students will continue to attend school at the alternate locations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Radium Springs Elementary Schools for the foreseeable future. We regret this inconvenience, but we have the safety and security of our children as the highest priority in our decision making. The staff is working hard to assure the most effective use of instructional time and children have responded well to the new environment. Thank you for your patience."

Initial Story
Northside Elementary students found themselves on an unexpected field trip on Monday after being evacuated because parts of the school's roof collapsed.

ESP, kindergarten and first grade students were taken to Radium Springs Elementary and second through fifth graders were taken to Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School.

The roof was scheduled to undergo repairs soon, but those repairs are coming sooner now, according to Dougherty County School System Public Information Director R.D. Harter. He says the roof collapsed in three to four places after water built up from the rain causing it to fall through.

Harter says they are not sure yet where the issue is originating from; he says they cannot determine which part of the seamed roof is compromised.

On Tuesday, students will be following the same transportation schedule as Monday: Students will need to go to Northside Elementary School first thing in the morning and from there they will be driven by school bus to either Radium Springs Elementary (ESP, kindergarten through first grade) or Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary (second through fifth grade). Approximately 20 minutes after school ends, students will once again board a school bus back to Northside where they will be taken home via their normal bus routes, pick up or walking route.

Earlier Monday morning, the Dougherty County School System posted the following announcement to their Facebook profile :

"Attention Parents of Northside Elementary School Children. Roof leaks at Northside Elementary School have made it necessary to transport your children to other schools until repairs can be made. Students in the ESP program and kindergarten through first grade will be learning in classes at Radium Springs Elementary. Students in grades 2 through 5 will be at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School.

ALL students will be transported back to Northside this afternoon to have transportation home in the normal manner. Thank you for helping us work through this challenge this week."

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