North Georgia floods coming to Albany?

A rood is blocked after flood waters rise. / Jessica Fairley

Much of north Georgia is expected to flood this week as mild weather gives way to cooler temperatures.

19 counties surrounding the Atlanta area are under flood watch.

Forecasters with the National Weather Service predict a slow-moving cold front will bring heavy showers and rain.

Officials say rainfall could reach 2 to 3 inches and some areas could receive as much as 4 inches of rain by mid-week.

Albany emergency management officials were in a meeting Monday afternoon being briefed about the situation.

Some may be concerned that the floods will travel to southwest Georgia but officials say we don't have much to be concerned about.

"With the way things are setting up right now, it looks like the heavy rains and subsequent floodwater will not affect southwest Georgia," said Don Harrigan, Meteorologist for the National Weather Service.