Noose placed around employee's neck

Theodore Moore makes racial allegations against the Douglas Fire Department. / Jessica Fairley

Coffee County's branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) along with state officials is rallying in support of two Douglas, Georgia city employees who say they were presented with a noose.

Monday protesters gathered for a march at the courthouse in downtown Douglas to abolish what they call on-going racial issues within the Douglas Fire Department, Douglas Police Department, and City of Douglas Mayor and Commissioners.

The scene was similar to the civil rights struggles of the 1960's, and NAACP members and supporters say the cause warrants it.

A policeman and fireman both have shared stories of injustice on the job.

"One was presented with the noose where it was displayed in front of him as in 'this is for you' and the other one, the noose was actually put around his neck," said NAACP rally organizer Larry Nesmith.

Theodore Moore says when he arrived for a job interview for at the Douglas Fire Department in October 2010, someone whispered the words "there he is get the rope, make a noose."

He says by the end of the interview, as he greeted staff, he says one man put those words into action.

"He takes a stopwatch like a noose and throws it over my neck and pulled it down and it took everything in my being to keep calm and not retaliate," said Theodore Moore.

Now over a year after the incident occurred, he says no action has been taken against the assailant and he, along with others, wants justice.

"We're calling an investigation with the justice department. We're marching to raise awareness of the incident of the noose," said Georgia NAACP Conference President Edward DuBose.

Dubose says although these instances seem outdated, they've been happening more and more.

"We've seen more incidents like this since the election of the first African-American president. It's unfortunate but we have to take a stand wherever these incidents take place," said Edward DuBose.

Theodore Moore alleges complaints have been filed, but no one with the Douglas Fire Department attended the rally.

He is now out on medical leave from the fire department.