No sun show for southwest Georgia

NASA traces the solar eclipse around the globe.

Coming up on May 20th, the earth will experience a solar eclipse.

In our Facebook story of the day, people wanted to know if there's a chance that it can be seen in southwest Georgia.

Experts say unfortunately no; the only way to see the eclipse is if you plan on taking a trip to the west coast.

The eclipse is expected to start in China, reach its fullest peak near the International Date Line and end close to Texas.

An eclipse cycle repeats itself every 18 years and not everyone gets see them all at once.

Because of the way the moon goes around the earth sometimes that just so happens to coincide with different location around the globe, so not everybody gets to see them every single year, says Allison Young, a representative for the Thronateeska Heritage Center.

Southwest Georgia will be able to see a total eclipse in 2017.