No-shows cancel Worth County Commission meeting

These three members of the Worth County Board of Commissioners weren't at Thursday night's meeting, causing it to be canceled. Other members say it was just a miscommunication, but the public says they're upset / File

The Worth County Board of Commissioners meeting was forced to be canceled on Thursday night after only two members showed.

Though one commissioner was known to be on vacation, the chairman and vice-chairman didn't show, which meant the three commissioners needed for an official meeting wasn't met.

Commissioner Billy McDonald says he believes it was just a miscommunication after the chairman, Mike Cosby, told members he was sick and the vice-chairman, Mack Sutton, said he was taking care of his sick wife, but residents say they're not happy.

"They were very upset, we had a room full and people out in the hallway and they were very upset about what was going on," said Michael Shavok, who is now leading a recall committee aimed at getting Cosby out of office.

Shavok and his committee are now passing around a petition in the hopes that it will get the 3,500 signatures needed to recall Cosby.

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