No picnic with fire ants in southwest Georgia

Around this time every year fire ants begin to repopulate across southwest Georgia.

As summer approaches, kids will be out of school and playing in the front and back yards. If they happen to disturb a fire ant mound and get stung, Pediatrician Dr. Stacy Evans says don't take the wound lightly.

"Fire ant bites are definitely something to be somewhat concerned about. You want to keep an eye out for difficulty breathing, swelling at sites other than the bite site. If there arm starts swelling, if they get bit on the hand the whole arm starts swelling. Ice will kind of help cut down on the local swelling and that kind of stuff, it slows down the blood flow to the areas so the venom doesn't circulate quite as well, and then again some Benadryl, or some antihistamine will also help the with swelling," said Evans.