No personal care home for Ledo Road residents

Lee County Board of Commissioners in a meeting. / Jessica Fairley

As a result of the closure of Southwestern State Hospital in Valdosta, group homes are popping up in neighborhoods around the state. But in Lee County, commissioners voted against one being built on Ledo Road.

In Tuesday night's meeting, homeowners brought their concerns to the board. They had a wide range of reasons why they didn't want the group home in their neighborhood.

"I've had the opportunity of living in a neighborhood with mentally challenged people with caregivers and things did not work out so well," said Peggy Bass, Lee County Homeowner.

Peggy Bass says in that situation there were times when patients would roam the streets unsupervised. She says if that were to happen she would fear for not only her safety, but the safety of the patients.

The high traffic volume along Ledo Road is another concern for residents when it comes to placing a personal care home in the area.

During the commission meeting, board members denied the request that would allow the personal care home to be placed on Ledo Road. A three to two vote made the decision final.