No more Mounted Patrol in Albany

APD horse stables located at the corner of Jefferson Street and 7th Avenue. / Jessica Fairley

Mounted Patrol is now a thing of the past in Albany. The city has closed it's stables located at the corner of N. Jefferson Street and 7th Avenue.

Two horses have been auctioned off while the remaining two were returned to their original owners.

Officials say in recent years Mounted Patrol has been used less and less and within the last year and a half the animals weren't used at all.

Now that the service has been disbanded, city leaders are left to decide whether or not they should keep the stables or surplus the property.

"We're reviewing a lot of properties that might have value out on the open market because it does a lot of things for us. We get an actual payment, we get it back on the tax rolls and we don't have to maintain it anymore," said Wes Smith, Assistant City Manager of Albany.

Smith says he's recommended that city commissioners sale the property.

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