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      No matter how quick the trip, lock your doors

      Officials with the Albany Police Department say the number of entering autos are on the rise again and thieves are targeting both locked and unlocked cars.

      Officials with APD say make sure before you get out of your car, you check to see if your car windows are secure.

      Next, don't leave valuables in plain view like CD's, GPS units, or purses.

      Also, park in a well-lit or busy locations.

      If you can, purchase car alarm systems for your car.

      Phyllis Banks, Media Manager with the Albany Police Department says, "what's valuable to you will be valuable to criminals so we want you to be prepared throughout the holiday season when it comes to locking your doors and not leaving your valuables in plain view."

      Banks adds that if you know of any suspicious activity in your area, contact police.

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