No fraud found in Cutliff Grove investigation

District Attorney Greg Edwards discusses the end of the Cutliff Grove investigation. / Jessica Fairley

An investigation into the Cutliff Grove Family Resource Center's "Grovetown" project has come to an end.

The investigation data shows there is no evidence of criminal violations or fraud by any of the participating parties involved in the failed housing project venture.

However, there are ethical considerations.

The director of the Cutliff Grove Family Resource Center, along with other participants, are accused of improper management skills and a lack of training.

Although more than $300,000 dollars in HUD money went fast, the report shows that every penny is accounted for.

"We were able to trace and all the documents relating to the public funds that were used, are accounted for in our investigation. The money was spent on projects and preparation for the projects," said Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards.

He says it's now up to the city of Albany to decide if they want to take the matter into civil court.

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