No excuses accepted with Operation Zero Tolerance

Georgia State Patrol car parked at post. / WFXL File

While you're out this holiday season, officers say you need to stay in tune with the rules of the road because police aren't buying any excuses.

It's called "Operation Zero Tolerance" and it kicked off all across the state.

State troopers will be on the lookout for impaired drivers, whether they are influenced by alcohol, illegal or legal drugs.

They'll even stop you because of your windows.

"Tinted windows should be two percent. People will often have them around five percent where you can't even see through it but we're looking for any reason to stop you like we always do. If you're violating the law we're going to stop you and talk to you," said Sel Jenkins, Georgia State Trooper.

The road safety effort will run through the beginning of the next year.

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