Ninth graders learn from choices in 'Teen Maze'

Choices students randomly drew "Teen Maze" leaded them to bad consequences like jail or...

Lee County held its first "Teen Maze" today at the Ninth Grade Campus. "Teen Maze" allows students to see what the consequences are for negative and positive behaviors.

"Ninth grade students are developing more independence and making a lot of decisions in their life and so we want to impact them and make sure they think before they make poor choices," says Lee County Family Connection Coordinator Patsy Shirley.

Students have no control over their choices in the maze â" they randomly select choices as they continue move booth to booth. They start at a high school graduation party and end at either graduation or death.

Some choices led students to a parenting booth where they learned that taking care of a child from birth until 18 years old can cost at least $300,000.

Volunteers say they hope they can continue to hold the "Teen Maze" every year.

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