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      Nights at D'Town embraces new Art Park venue

      Live music, a taco truck, crafts, arts and more were on display at the Nights at Dtown Art Festival on Friday evening.

      It was only the night TMs second time being in the new Art Park on Pine, and organizers say although it feels a little empty right now because it's such a large space, the move has been great for their vendors.

      "The wall space is amazing to have because for our artists, it makes it a little easier for them because they don't have to buy all the canvas. They were starting to develop large canvases on the parking deck, and now they don't have to go to the expense so it's just better for them all around," said Albany Downtown Manager Aaron Blair.

      Organizers say they're hoping the new space will help grow the event into something that will help Albany stand out.

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