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      Next door neighbors busted for pills and cocaine

      Neighbors Kendrick Huff, 40, and Sheila Walker, 55, have both been arrested for allegedly peddling drugs into the community.After receiving a tip, Albany Dougherty Drug Unit officials conducted a raid on a duplex located 901 South Maple Street near Oglethorpe Boulevard.Agents believe Kendrick Huff was selling crack cocaine and cocaine out of apartment 901 A while Sheila Walker was distributing prescription pain pills out of apartment 901 B.Drug unit officials confiscated about an ounce of cocaine from Huff's apartment. Inside Sheila Walker's home, they found hydrocodone and other prescription pills inside labeled and non-labeled pill bottles.Walker is charged with possession with intent to distribute illegal prescription drugs. Huff is charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. These are felony charges.Police say they don't if the two were working together but they may have known about each other's drug activity.

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