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      New Years holiday on the road

      Georgia State Patrol reported nine people arrested for driving under the influence and nine accidents within seven counties during New Year TMs Eve and Day.

      Sergeant Dana Harnage with Georgia State Patrol (GSP) says, we worked four accidents is all we worked during that two day period and we worked five D.U.I's. These numbers included the following counties; Lee, Baker, Dougherty, and Worth.

      In the four counties, the numbers last year included zero D.U.I TMs and four accidents.

      Sgt. Harnage continues to say people never seem to think they won TMt get in a reck or pulled over. GSP Officers in Tifton had no problem proving this theory and pulled over a total of 198 vehicles between New Year's Eve and Day.

      Sgt. J.C. Roberts with Tifton GSP said, Out of the 198 stops we issued 201 warnings and we only issued 69 tickets, which included four D.U.I TMs. They also had five accidents between to the two day period. All violations from Tifton GSP included: Cook, Tift, and Berrien County.

      Both Sergeants say that it TMs imperative to stay focused on the road and if you plan on drinking to make sure to designate a driver, otherwise you will get pulled over.

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