New Year's Eve best celebrated without gun fire and DUIs

Drinking and driving and discharging your gun into the air are the top two acts that will cause you to start 2013 in a jail cell.

Monday night, officers with both the Albany Police Department and the Lee County Sheriff's Office say they'll be highly visible on the roads looking out for offenders.

APD Public Information Officer Phyllis Banks says her department is still participating in Operation Zero Tolerance which means anyone who drinks and drives on New Year's will be arrested.

Lee County Sheriff's Office Deputy Chief Lewis Harris says even if you think you're okay and have had one drink, don't chance it because accidents involving drunk drivers affect more than just yourself.

Officers will be keeping their eyes peeled for intoxicated drivers on the road but will also be keeping their ears open for any discharging of guns.

Both Banks and Harris say firing a gun into the air is a misdemeanor and you could face court, fines and more.

Harris says a bullet can travel up to a mile in the air and what goes up must come down. If a stray bullet strikes a person, it can cause serious injuries and even death.

Officials say the best way to ring in the New Year is by celebrating safely with friends and having a designated driver or a cab to take everyone home safely.

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