New website for the marine base

The new website / Romney Smith

The MCLB Albany's website recently re-launched.

1st Lt. Kyle Thomas, MCLB Deputy Public Affairs Officer says with a new look comes a new purpose. "This site allows us to communicate with the public directly almost on a day to day basis, if not on a weekly basis. And of course they can leave comments, give us feedback and we can look and see what is it that the public is interested to know about MCLB Albany. We want to share information, but we want to share information that the public wants to receive" says Thomas.

The new website is easier to navigate, and it also integrates the MCLB's other means of communication with links to Facebook, Twitter, and their YouTube page. "The way people receive information changes constantly and we have to pay attention to those trends and use those trends so that people know that we're doing everything that we can to keep them informed of what's happening" says Thomas.

Information ranges from fun activities open to the public to informational messages from top ranking leaders on base. "Our job as public servants is to get information to the public. So as soon as something happens getting it out there, whether its inviting the media or putting something on Facebook or the website â" it's really important for us to use every means available to us to get that information out" says Thomas.

The new website allows the public affairs office to track statistics to make sure they're providing the information people are searching for as well as links to other kinds of information including benefits, the Marine Corps Headquarters, other units, and more.

So feel free to log on, search around, and leave a comment on the MCLB Albany's new website.

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