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      New way of testing holds DCSS schools to higher standards

      Up until now the way Dougherty County Schools kept track of how schools are performing was by using Academic Yearly Progress Reports (AYP.) They are now switching to a new way of testing schools called College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI.)

      CCRPI calculates an actual score for each school based on achievement, progress, and achievement gap.

      Officials say this way of doing things in a way holds students and teachers to a higher standard. Parents and teachers need to make sure students are as prepared as they can be for every test they take. Parents need to make sure their child is present for at a minimum of 65% of the full academic year which is from the start of the school year to the end of testing (for high school students it TMs until the end of the course.)

      Another big change deals with the graduation rate; they are changing it from a proxy method to a cohort method. If students transfer schools within the state, the original school needs to make sure it has a record of when that school left and a copy of a records request from their new school otherwise that student will be considered a dropout. This new method also only counts actual high school diplomas; if you graduate with just a certificate of completion you are also counted as a dropout.

      Officials say this is the first year using CCRPI and they expect scores to be lower than they normally would be; they think next year TMs scores will be more accurate.

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