New wave auctions going live

Property up for auction in a new format. / Jessica Fairley

Several Albany properties are on the auctioning block but bidders won't have to leave their homes for a chance to make their bid.

The shopping center on the corner of Dawson Road and Stuart Avenue that once housed a Blockbuster video store is being auctioned off on the internet.

Those with Rowell Auctions Inc. say this is a way for the sophisticated shopper to place his bid without having to come out to an auction site.

Auctioneers say they've sold several homes and other properties through this format.

"With the smart phones being so accessible, now you can actually bid on multi-million dollar pieces of property over your cell phone or a $100 dollar gun," said Jason Wiggins, Real Estate Agent with Rowell Auctions Incorporated.

The bidding on the shopping center will begin Wednesday and end on September 11th.