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      New technology brings ICU patients higher chance of survival

      Critical care patients in Albany will now have access to specialized doctors thanks to a new partnership with a Tele-ICU company.

      Advanced ICU Care offers 24/7 care through cameras placed in rooms that give Phoebe Putney staff access to limited specialists instead of having to call and wait for a doctor to get there. The new company will work alongside Phoebe employees to care for each patient in the unit.

      "This is a solution really to bring that level of care around the clock to patients around the country and that's what we set out to do," said Advanced ICU Care Co-Founder Isabelle Kopec.

      The service provides a 40% decrease in patient deaths, a 25% decrease in length of stay and a lower employee turnover rate due to the level of support.

      Phoebe officials say they TMre excited to begin using the new technology and see the positive results it has on the level of care ICU patients receive.

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