New tax law halts tax preps in Albany

Tax preparers waiting on updates from the IRS. / Jessica Fairley

Now that the federal government has passed a new tax law, in our Facebook story of the day people wanted to know how local tax preparers are getting ready for this tax season.

Accountants for Liberty Tax Service in Albany say with the tax law's recent passing, they're waiting on the Internal Revenue Service to finish their publications about the changes.

They say as soon as the information is released, their database will be updated to prepare for tax season.

At this point they're providing tax filers with estimates and advice but they won't know all of the impacts and changes of the new law until the software has been updated.

"We anticipate in the next week, five to seven days, the IRS will have all of this updated. It will be passed on and we'll have it in our system," said Eric Elder, Owner of Liberty Tax Service in Albany.

Government officials have moved the filing date back from January 15th to the 22nd of this month.