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      New store brings beauty to Albany

      ULTA Beauty had their grand opening Friday morning in Albany and gave away products and services to the first 100 people to walk in the door Saturday morning.The doors opened at 10 AM and a line wrapped around Ulta, full of mostly women, and a few men, wanting to get their hands on gifts.One woman in line received $100 off in the store while the other 99 people to walk in received coupons for $5-$25 off ULTA products. One Albany customer, Denise McCalister, says this morning was her third time coming into ULTA this week, and she's glad to see it enhance the community.District Manager of Ulta, Tara Maass says she's hired for multiple positions with various positions still open in the salon section. Maass adds that she's happy to share beauty in Albany.

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