New sports complex coming to Albany

Ravii Givens plans to build sports facility. / Jessica Fairley

In Tuesday night's Albany Board of Commissioners meeting a local sports figure approached the board with a plan to bring positivity to lives of young children. Ravii Givens went to school in Dougherty County and now he's back to give back.

He's planning to transform 6.3 acres of vacant land near the intersection of Gillionville and Lockett Smith Road into a sports complex.

After hearing out representatives for Givens, the board agreed to allow rezoning and development of the property. The facility will house a gym, and soccer and football field.

Givens says the facility is needed in the community.

"I made the mistake when I was in college by not doing the extra drills and stuff to help me get to the next level. So I want to make sure these kids don't make that same mistake," said Go Hard Training CEO Ravii Givens, "If they have dreams of becoming a professional, I can help them make those dreams come true."

During the commission meeting officials went over actions that would allow the demolition of three dilapidated structures to expand the parking lot for Rhema Word Cathedral.

The board decided to go forward with destruction of the buildings.

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