New school year could mean new school

Changes to zoning for the Dougherty County School zone could mean new schools for students. / File

The closing of two Dougherty County schools means a large number of students will be starting the new school year at a new school, but officials say more than just those students will be affected.

R.D. Harter with DCSS says new school zones have been approved for the 2013-14 school year, which means many students will be forced to transfer to a new/different school.

Harter says as with any big change comes fear of the unknown and fear of change, but the school system is doing everything they can to make this an easy adjustment for parents and kids.

Dr. David Mosely, the interim superintendent, says they will work with parents who have extenuating circumstances that would make this transition hard or impossible for their children/family.

Harter also says this change will save the school system millions of dollars.

DCSS is holding meetings throughout the next month for parents affected by the zone changes; the meetings are as listed:

April 25 â" Merry Acres Middle School
April 29 â" Albany Middle School
April 30 â" Radium Springs Middle Magnet School of the Arts
May 2 â" Southside Middle School
May 6 â" Jackson Heights Elementary School
May 7 â" Turner Elementary School
May 9 â" Radium Springs Elementary School

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