New school set to create league of contract jobs

Terrell County contractors turn out to work on the county's new elementary school. / Jessica Fairley

Construction of the new Terrell County Elementary School is set to create hundreds of jobs for the area.

At least 30 people turned out to a town hall meeting Thursday night to find out how they can be a part of the construction process.

The project will need contractors for everything from laying concrete to painting.

Representatives for Ra-Lin and Associates Inc. say they're expecting at least three to four bid prices for every category, which could mean a few hundred jobs for contractors.

"What we got out of this today was an opportunity for them to meet us, have any questions answered that they might have had and to become familiar with the project to make sure they understand the process that they're doing and any support that we can provide them," said Lee Koepke, Project Manager for Ra-Lin and Associates Inc.

Interested contractors can submit their bids on May 16th.

For more information contact Gerry King at Dukes Edwards Dukes Inc.

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