New school board members get educated during "Safety 101"

Safety and Security Committee Chair Lane Price at a 2012 Rotary Club event. / File

The Dougherty County School System Safety and Security Committee met Monday morning to go over the programs and steps in place in case of a school system emergency.

School police Chief Troy Conley and Student Assistance Program Coordinator Barbara Turner were asked to come prepared with a small presentation on where their concerns lie within the system and what's in place to prevent or cut down on those problems.

Chief Conley says after recent events, the school police concerns lie in ensuring they're prepared for any type of active shooter situation. Conley says there are plans in place in case of these situations, but his concern is getting more staff members and newer cars to be able to quickly get to a school in case of a situation.

Turner says after recent events, her job is to review all of the plans and see where they can be made stronger based off of what happened during other tragedies. Turner says being around young students means every day is different and just because yesterday went well, doesn't mean today will, so her office has to make sure the plans are constantly evolving.

After updating the committee, both Conley and Turner told the committee where they plan to focus their energy in the future.

School police have an active partnership with local police and plan to strengthen that by meeting with them in the near future. Turner says her office is going to continue looking at ways to improve plans and adapt to every day changes.

Safety and Security Committee Chair Lane Price says the meeting, which she nicknamed "Safety 101" was meant to update members on what exactly is being done so they could understand what these agencies do.

Price says they'll digest this information and have another meeting in the upcoming months to take it a step further and see what changes have been made.

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