New resource center for Albany TMs homeless

Community members, churches, nonprofits, and city leaders came together Wednesday morning for the grand opening of a unique resource center for the homeless called A Place 4 Hope.

Salvation Army Captain Doug McClure says the new center is truly a resource center so homeless people can get the basics. A Place 4 Hope provides a place to receive mail, take a hot shower, gain computer literacy skills, wash clothes, and other basic necessities.

Officials say they wanted to focus on a different resource because Albany TMs homeless know where to go for a hot meal, but they don TMt have anyone to teach them how to look for a job or anywhere to wash their clothes. There are certain standards that we all accept as just as how you're supposed to be|and sometimes when people don TMt have those things or the ability to access those things those people become marginalized and become looked down upon and get pushed to the side. We TMre here to help them out and restore their dignity as they get back on their feet says McClure.

The center will provide a resource center that will guide people through the process of how to get connected to other helpful agencies, workshops on literacy, typing skills, job interviewing, and more.

Chairperson for A Place 4 Hope Development Committee Becky Boyd says the goal is to start small and expand into a full service organization. Our dream is that we can move forward with that and grow into a program that can offer the ability to move out of the homelessness that they're experiencing says Boyd.

The center will be open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Officials hope to expand hours later.

If you would like to help with A Place 4 Hope they are asking for help in one of four ways:

  1. Financially " monetary donations to meet current and future projects
  2. Gifts-In-Kind " toiletry supplies like detergent, soap, towels, small hygiene predicts, backpacks, etc to meet the needs of those the center will serve
  3. Volunteering " at least three volunteers are needed every day in conjunction with the full time staff member to assist with services.
  4. Prayer " A Place for Hope asks for prayer for the success and outreach of the new center

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