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      New purse snatching trend

      According to officials there's a new purse snatching trend hitting gas stations nationwide. It's called "theft by sliding." The burglars, called "sliders," pull up to a car they've observed to be unlocked at a gas station, open their door and the passenger door of the victim's car, slide in and steal something valuable, slide back into their car, and drive off.

      Multiple incidents of this have been caught on camera across the country.

      FOX 31 spoke to Major Keith Houston with the Lee County Sheriff's Office who said to his knowledge there haven't been any theft by sliding incidents here but he says it's something that can happen anywhere. He advises drivers to always lock their doors, keep their windows up, and always be on their guard no matter where they are.

      Houston says you should never leave anything of value in your car in the first place but if you're going to, you should lock it in the trunk.

      FOX 31 also spoke to residents of Albany who were getting gas at a local gas station about the issue. We asked if they had heard about the new trend and what they think about it. Several residents said hearing about it reminds them to be more cautious. One woman said she didn't even think to lock her doors when she ran into the gas station to use the restroom, but she said now she'll think twice about it.

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