New playground designed for individuals with disabilities

The Breathe Center began in 2010, but officially became an organization this year. The ministry is open to anyone. / Photo by Sophie Keyes

Children and young adults with disabilities and special needs were given a new place to play Wednesday.

The Breathe Center adapted a fully accessible playground to meet the needs of individuals involved with the program.

Nettie Hatcher became an advocate for individuals with disabilities when her daughter, Jessica, was born 21 years ago. Jessica has a rare genetic disorder known as Mowat Wilson Syndrome.

Hatcher said last year, there were 300 individuals served by the Breathe Center.

Since its opening in 2010, there have been more than 1,000 people to benefit from the ministry.

The playground was built by a group from the United Kingdom, Splash. On Wednesday, retired soldiers from the British Army came to assist with the building process.

"Many times our kids and adults don't have a place they can go and have fun and play like children should be able to, so to have this is very special," Hatcher said.

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