New fee tacked to water, gas and light bills

A new fee will be added to Water, Gas, and Light bills in April. / Jessica Fairley

A public forum was held Thursday night to educate Albany citizens on what leaders are doing about flooding in the city.

At the beginning of April, homeowners living in single family residences will see a flat fee of $2.50 on their Albany Water, Gas, and Light bill. The stormwater maintenance fee for commercial and industrial businesses will be calculated based on a formula.

"We could've raised the millage rate if the city commission decided to but then we would've continued the process of putting the burden on people that pay property taxes," said Bruce Maples, Director of Engineering for Albany.

Over time, the fees will be used to go towards upgrades on Albany's drainage system.

The fee is a federal mandate to ensure that cities have the funds to pay for maintenance and upgrades to their stormwater infrastructure.

"Our infrastructure is old and you know when a lot of people try to bring new businesses to this community they're quick to say that they look at the education or they're quick to say that they look at the tax index, they look at your infrastructure," said BJ Fletcher, Albany Commissioner.

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