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      New Downtown Manager begins work on Monday

      It didn TMt take long after an offer for the Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority to find itself a new Downtown Manager and Director: Aaron Blair.

      He accepted it immediately and we TMre looking forward to working with him, says ADICA Chairman Andrew Reid.

      At Wednesday TMs ADICA meeting, Aaron Blair TMs appointment was unanimously accepted.

      Blair is taking no time at all to begin work. On Monday " ten days after he received and accepted the offer " Blair will report to his new office. He and his family of a wife and two kids have already made a pit stop in Albany to shop for houses and attend the International Fair.

      They TMve gotten to know our community. They are pleased with what they TMve seen. He TMs going to be a great addition, says Interim Director James Taylor.

      Reid has played a role in the interview process and has spoke with Blair on numerous occasions.

      I think he TMll work out very well here. I think he TMll fit in well with the community. He has the personality to do so and he has the background to do so also, says Reid.

      It TMs been over a year since Albany had a downtown manager. Come Monday, Aaron Blair will be filling that empty seat. Taylor says after speaking with Blair, he feels the new Downtown Manager is fired up and has great visions for the city.

      We haven TMt pushed him very hard yet. We want to get him here, give him a more detailed look at the city, let him meet his board and let him meet the staff he TMs going to be working with in more detail and give him some time to get the lay of the land, says Taylor.

      ADICA members are planning an occasion outside of work to give Blair a chance to get to know everyone.

      We don TMt want to bring him in and beat up on him the first day. We TMre going to have something off site and just have some normal conversation, says Reid.

      Soon after he arrives, the board says to expect some changes to come to Downtown Albany.

      Albany is a new and different place; it TMs not like Naples, Florida. So give it some time and I think he TMs going to be a great addition to our community, says Taylor.