New Downtown Albany website in the works

ADICA created a new logo for "Dtown Albany" which can be seen on new banners

Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority board members are reviewing three bids they've received from different web hosts who are interested in designing the new downtown Albany website.

The new website will offer a calendar of events as well as listings of available spaces for businesses downtown.

"It'll be a great way for us to market events not only just our events downtown but events throughout the city as a whole," says Assistant to the Downtown Manager Monique Broughton.

Board members will look over sample work from the three web hosts that is within ADICA's budget before making a final decision. Once the website is live in the next few months, it shouldn't be hard to find.

"We wanted something simple, something that wasn't very long and drawn out that you would have to think, "What is it? What's the website?" Just DtownAlbany is very easy to remember," says Albany's Downtown Manager Aaron Blair.

The new website will boast the new downtown Albany logo as well, which is already stamped around the area on banners.

The new logo plays off a popular website trend.

"If you think about your Twitter address, it's '@ something,' usually it's '@ your name,' so for ours it's '@ Dtown Albany,'" says Blair.

The new logo is a part of Blair's plan to give downtown Albany a brand. He and Broughton say they tossed around multiple ideas before deciding on the current image.

"We were just looking for something urban and something new that kind of would create some buzz," says Broughton.

ADICA board members say they hope by bringing people to the website, it will bring more people to events in Downtown Albany. Blair says he wants the website to generate excitement about downtown Albany.

Until the new "Dtown Albany" website is ready, you can find the latest events and news about downtown Albany on its Twitter and Facebook pages.