New dialysis clinic in Adel to shorten drive times for patients

Local leaders, patients, and staff gathered at the new clinic Tuesday morning. / Sean Streicher

A new dialysis clinic in Adel is helping give patients a chance at a more normal life.

The U.S. Renal Care Adel Dialysis clinic located at 701 North Hutchinson Avenue opened Tuesday morning to serve patients in Cook County and surrounding areas.

The brand new, 21 station facility, is an upgrade from the older, smaller center, which had to offer three different dialysis sessions a day to meet patient needs, now they only need two.

"Now we're going to be able to accomplish all the treatments by noon time, or before 1:00 in the afternoon," said Dr. Arunas Urbonas, the facility's medical director.

Patients at the grand opening say that the new facility will help them live a normal life, I'll be closer to my family, you know getting there quicker, becoming involved with the community, you know coaching football," said Isaiah Scruggs.

The facility is also unique in that solar panels in the roof will provide about 60% of the clinic's operating energy needs.

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