New details on multi-county chemical theft bust

Photo Credit: Jessica Fairley

FOX 31 has gained more information about police efforts to catch agri-chemical thieves.

Colquitt police worked with Miller County, Early County and Mitchell County Sheriff's Departments to identify the four men who are now in jail for the crimes.

Early County Sheriff William Price says they compared notes to identify Alton Gray, James Mills, Travis Williams and Michael Johnson as suspects.

The men were tracked from Miller County through Early County and Baker County into Mitchell County.

Mitchell County officials picked up the men after they allegedly burglarized the Mitchell County Farmer's Market chemical warehouse early Saturday morning.

The men were caught near the Baker/Mitchell County line.

Police found several items that were used in the burglary inside the men's car.

Sheriff William Price says the men would unscrew the metal paneling on the buildings and go inside to steal thousands of dollars in farm equipment.