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      New changes for the Dougherty County School System

      People of the District 6 community gathered for food and food for thought about the Dougherty County School System Saturday afternoon.

      There have been some major changes for DCSS over the past school year and parents would like to see more changes in the future.

      School Board Member Darrel Ealum, handed out a list that included ten achievements for this school year, item number one was Dougherty High getting a completely new look.

      Parents and people in the community were there to gain knowledge and voice their concerns. Retired DCSS teacher, James Massey said, I TMm really here on a fact finding mission to see what we can do for the kids.

      Another achievement mentions is the percentage of children eating has increased.

      Now, 91 percent of kids in DCSS receives a hot breakfast and lunch. Other achievements include $14 million in federal funds getting released into DCCS and new technology added in the classrooms.

      Parents now think that money has helped the image and more time should be focused on the kids.

      Margaret Mathis, Grandmother to two kids in DCSS, says she TMs glad to see kids getting food but would like to see a healthier menu.

      Massey added as far as improvements go, there needs to more focus on tutoring, and one-on-one counseling with kids in the school system especially in the elementary and middle schools.

      Others agree, they would like to see more tutoring and college education incorporated in lessons; that TMs one major thing Mathis says she wants her grandchildren to experience in the years to come.