New campaign brings changes to food labels

After a 20-year haul food labels may see a change. / Rheya Spigner

After a 20-year haul food labels may see a change.

Michelle Obama announced that changes to new food labels will have a larger font for calories as well as more accurate servings sizes consistent to the amount that people actually eat. This change is part of Mrs. Obama's "Lets Move" campaign in an effort to combat childhood obesity.

Albany resident, Charles Hall says he thinks the new change will help people make better life decisions about what they put in their body.

Another resident, Brandon Clyde says in the long run he thinks it'll do the public good especially for those who need to calculate servings and calories for medical reasons.

Bradley Singleton from Albany said, "Around here it won't have much effect."

The Food and Drug Administration will take comments for a 90-day period. The actual approval of the labels may take another year.

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