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      New bill jeopardizes DCSS Interim Superintendent

      Time is ticking for the Dougherty County School Board after a piece of legislature went into effect that now leaves them to decide the future of Interim Superintendent Dr. David C. Mosely.

      "Unfortunately the state of Georgia, the legislature, passed a law effective July 1st of this year which does not allow a retired person, administrator, to come in and work more than 49%," said Chair Carol Tharin.

      The change means Interim Superintendent Dr. Mosely, who was retired before taking the position, can no longer work more or receive more than 49% pay with the school board unless he picks from two options.

      "One option is I could go part-time, which that would be very difficult in a school system this size, although it can be done. The other option is for me to come out of retirement," said Dr. Mosely.

      However, if Dr. Mosely chooses to come out of retirement and give up his benefits, the board will be responsible for taking on some of those depending on their agreement, which they need to reach by October 1st.

      With three short months to decide their future, the school board created a plan of how to tackle the issue.

      "They've decided to have a committee of the whole so everybody could have input and they sort of know what the numbers are and then we go from there," said Dr. Mosely.

      The board hopes to reach a decision as a committee that will allow them to keep Dr. Mosely on board for the entire upcoming school year as they begin their search for a permanent replacement in December.