New Albany fire fighters get hands-on experience

The Albany Fire Department used the houses to train a variety of skills. / Todd Bailey

Sixteen new Albany fIre fighters got a chance to test out the Albany Fire Department's new self contained breathing apparatus.

Albany Fire Training officer Anthony Jordan says "the fire fighters themselves will be going through an experience to see how long they can stay in a hot house."

The training offered hands on experience with fire extinguishing and fire control.

"We'll watch the pattern of how the fire falls and where the fire drifts on the floor and we'll see how long it takes the rest of the house to ignite" said Jordan.

Getting two blighted properties to practice on doesn't happen every day.

"I guess sometimes, it's the luck of the draw maybe and the timing and the conditions and the man power is just right so we can burn two houses," said Jordon

Jimmy Hall is an Assistant Pastor at a neighboring church on Sixth Avenue and he said he's was more than happy that these two blighted properties came down.

"The congregation is so enthused, this has been in the works for over a year," added Hall.

Hall's congregation Arcadia Baptist Church, who owns the properties, no longer has to think of ways to raise money to tear down the structures.