Neighbors may be your best defense against burglars

DCP recommends asking your neighbors to keep and eye on your house this holiday season. / FOX 31

Whether it's to see family or just get away, many people choose to travel during the holiday season.

According to the Dougherty County Police Department(DCP), this is a time that many criminals choose to strike.

DCP say if you're planning to go out of town, it's a smart idea to let your neighbors know, and ask them to keep an eye on your house.

"We don't know every vehicle that belongs in every drive way, or what person belongs there, but if your neighbor sees someone that doesn't (belong) then they call us and we come and check it out," said Capt. Tommy Jackson.

DCP also recommends keeping your blinds closed, so that burglars can't see all the presents sitting around the tree.

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