Neighborhood watch unites city-wide

Community members gather to discuss a neighborhood watch committee that will increase communication and curb crime. / Matt Prichard

With over 50-neighborhood watch groups across the Albany area, it may not come as much of a surprise that communication between the organizations can be difficult.

Today Albany Commissioner, Ivey Hines, along with the Albany Police Department were looking to change that by setting up a neighborhood watch committee.

Commissioner Hines says the committee is long overdue and will definitely help curb crime, and increase communication inside local neighborhoods.

"If something happened on the west side of town, and they want the word to get all the way to the east side very quickly--there would be a communication mechanism in place so that communication can happen between each group, and therefore share what's going on at that time," said Albany Commissioner, Ivey Hines.

Hines says that with the increased public awareness and involvement, living in the good life city can truly be "good" for everyone involved.

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