Neighborhood Watch group learns to fight back

Neighborhood Watch meeting

The 400 block of West Residence Avenue has had a neighborhood watch for two years and they gathered to discuss becoming more active and engaged in the community to keep it safe.

The group gathers once a month to address thefts, drugs, and other issues. The guest speaker at the meeting was Sergeant Victor Camp with the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit. Camp discussed signs to look for that are good indicators that drug users are in your neighborhood. Coco the drug sniffing dog also did a demonstration for the watch group.

Police say there are a few things you and your neighbors can be on the lookout for to make sure your streets remain safe. "If you see a location where there's a lot of traffic in and out and the traffic only stays for a minute or two, something isn't probably right over there. A lot of walk ups to the same location, a lot of activity in the evenings, and things like that are strong clues someone's selling drugs" says Camp.

Residents say they learned good tips and they plan to keep a watchful eye and keep in close communication with the drug unit and police department.

Police say they hope more people get involved with taking back their community through a neighborhood watch group.