Neighborhood eyes protect vulnerable homes

Putney neighbors protect their homes. / Jessica Fairley

As southwest Georgia families gear up to hit the road for holiday travel, many are leaving their homes vulnerable to criminals, but one area is fighting back and making their neighbors their watchdogs.

Members of the Putney Neighborhood Watch Association know their neighbors and they know them well.

"I got a list of all the people who live on the block. I got their names, address and telephone numbers and they got mine," said Utah Combs, Putney Neighborhood Watch Association member.

Utah Combs says those on his block keep the lines of communication open, contacting neighbors to pick up the mail and keep a lookout for anything suspicious.

While he chooses to walk around the neighborhood to look out for suspicious activity, others find alternative ways to keep a look out.

"Some watch through the window. Others do a drive-by and when I say drive-by, they circle around the house to see if anything has been moved or out of place from the first day the person left home," said Willie Williams, Putney Neighborhood Watch Association Captain.

Williams if he does see something suspicious, he picks up the phone and calls police.

He says it's because of the efforts of community members that there have only been a handful of issues since the watch started seven years ago.

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