Neighborhood divided over dog attack

le at the home, Bridges told officers that Devo couldn't have bit the woman because he's in Macon and hasn't been at home all week. / Colby Gallagher

Second Update

Cindy Myrick is out of the hospital and stitched up after a neighborhood dog bit deep into her right leg.

Myrick says she was collecting cans when the animal ran out of an open gate, and latched onto her leg. She adds that by not panicking she kept her leg from further injury.

"I was totally frozen, when it was happening. I didn't even move a muscle. When the dog had his teeth in my leg, my feet and leg were entirely stiff," said Myrick.

That decision kept the dog from ripping and tearing, and Myrick says her calm demeanor caused the animal to loosen its bite

First Update
Albany police say that Devo was picked up Friday afternoon at a residence in the 500 block of 9th Avenue and will be housed at the Humane Society for 10 days.

Animal Control agents have charged Devo's owner Jamie Bridges with animal at large and no rabies tag. An additional charge of obstruction is currently pending.

Initial Story
A 43-year-old woman is in the hospital after she was viciously attacked by a dog shortly after 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon, which has led to an Albany Animal Control investigation.

Shannon McGee says she was sitting inside her home on 8th Avenue when the woman called her frantically saying she was bit and needed help. McGee says she went outside to see the woman limping down the road with deep wounds to her knee and thigh.

McGee helped carry the woman to her porch where she says she then cut off her jeans and applied a tourniquet as she spoke to 911 dispatchers on the phone.

Ramona Nelms, McGee's mother who lives next door, says she came over to help and asked what happened. The woman told Nelms she was walking down 9th Avenue when a neighborhood dog named Devo ran out of his backyard and attacked her.

The woman was taken to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital where she was treated for multiple wounds and met by animal control officers who began their investigation.

After speaking to the woman, officials went to the home of Devo's owner, Jamie Bridges, to take the dog into custody to see if he was the attacker.

While at the home, Bridges told officers that Devo couldn't have bit the woman because he's in Macon and hasn't been at home all week, but Bridges' father Earl says that's not true.

Earl Bridges says although Devo isn't a vicious dog and he doesn't think investigators have the right animal, he can't tell a story and the dog was home as of 11 a.m. on Thursday.

Despite the different stories, those who live on 9th street stand by Devo and say he's not the attacker and is actually a nice dog.

McGee and Nelms say they believe whatever happens, the owner of the dog who bit their friend should be the one who faces the consequences and pays the medical bills because it's all about how a dog is raised and treated.

Animal control officers are still investigating the case and told Bridges he has until tomorrow to turn Devo over.

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