Natural summer fun at Chehaw

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Although many kids across southwest Georgia are heading back to school this week, some of them haven't stopped learning just because classes ended last May.

All summer long, Chehaw offered different types of camps where children between the ages of 5 and 12 could come, have fun and learn something new, all at the same time.

Jackie Entz, Education Coordinator at Chehaw thinks "it's just so great to get kids outdoors, there's so many kids that are cooped up inside all the time, even during the school year so it's wonderful to be able to teach them while being in an outdoor setting."

One of many camps, the Naturalist Camp focuses on the environment.

The kids get to learn all about what's outside in the Georgia woods. Lots of people, can list animals from South America, from Antarctica and from Africa but it's really important for the kids to know and understand the animals that live in their very own backyard.

From nature walks, to having lunch and playing in the play park, to learning about reptiles, amphibians and birds...these children get to become like some of the most famous naturalists in America, Lois and Clark. The children are also playing games that focus on the environment as well as different types of plants and animals. Then they also get to do crafts, one of which is pressing leaves.

Chehaw has more than 200 different types of plants along with a large number of critters; these children may need more than a week to see, do and learn everything that Chehaw has to offer.

Jackie Entz says that they "do this every year. Should be the same next year and they also do a winter and spring break camps so whenever kids are out of school, we have a place for them to come, play and learn."

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